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Ben Constanty


Benoit Constanty is a serial entrepreneur. He has scaled several startups to multi-million-dollar businesses ranging from telecommunications, marketing, and eCommerce, to SaaS and blockchain technology.

Ben took a shift to Web3 to bring innovation and transparency to our current economic models.

He co-founded Smartlink, a decentralized escrow solution for marketplaces on the Tezos blockchain.

Ben is the co-founder and Chairman of The Blox, a startup accelerator for early-stage Web3 projects that counts several successful projects in its portfolio.

He is also the founder of Bizbird, a global communications agency.

Ben is a founding member of the leading Metaverse Think Tank, Metacircle. Members include some of the most prominent projects in the Web3 space i.e The Sandbox, RTFKT, Exclusible, Arianee, Ledger and more.

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